April Faces
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As you may know, every month we are taking time to highlight someone that is an influence to our brand and part of the Small Town Big Family. This month we are featuring the multi- talented, adventure sport loving, local artist – Matt DeMaster. Just a little insight on Matt...He is an all weather, badass surfer, from WI, who crushes the waves of Lake Michigan. There isn’t a single month during the year that he doesn’t step into his wet suit and challenge his carving skills. Matt also crushes at skateboarding, snowboarding, and life in general. He has an all around love for nature and people, and uses that human compassion to volunteer locally and while on his travels. On the creative, he uses recycled skate decks to make one of a kind, colorful key chains for the STBF brand, and other custom designs. We have Matt featured on our website as part of the STBF Team, and is included in a STBF promo video featuring himself in his natural habitat!

Video Credit goes to Jerry Lee Photo. Click on the link to see more of what Jerry can do!

Matt can be found teaching surf lessons with EOS Surf Shop, in Sheboygan WI. The shorelines of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan WI has some of the best four season, fresh water, inland surfing in the US. He is an individual with an inner hunger and creative drive to push himself and chase his dreams. Matt is living his life by one of our favorite mantras at Small Town Big Family –“Carpe Diem”. Seize the Day.