Faces of Small Town Big Family

For our first introduction, we thought it was best you get to know us! 

The Founders of Small Town Big Family: -Jon and Jen-

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We (Jen and Jon), started off this amazing journey out of heart ship. We both have a similar passion for adventure and like others, choose to break free from our comfort zones and seize the moment for all that it is. A few years ago we had some significant losses of family members and friends, which brings us to the present moment and the start of this company.

Like you, we can feel the positive impact of spending time with people around us, having conversation, making adventure plans, having late night deep and meaningfuls. We use human interaction and that inner voice as a guide for whatever we choose to tackle. Maybe that someone is in your daily life or was lost along the way, but the moments happened for a reason and paved the way for the next turn. Family is family and friends are family. This is why we decided to follow our passion and create STBF.

We want people to share their stories with other faces, familiar or not, to make a Small Town Big Family full of passions and ideas. A family is peoples that bond, and remind each other to take time to grow the soul and be daring. Without hesitation, say yes to opportunities that will allow you to enjoy this beautiful, obscure, and perplexing world around us. When you see the STBF logo you will know…we are all here just trying to figure it out the best way we know.

Carpe Diem - Jon and Jenn

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