Steep Steeps, EOS, and the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar!




After leaving WI at 6 am, and receiving a very warm welcome in Montana for 4 days at Big Sky Resort,  we find ourselves on the way to Jackson Hole, WY.  We were chasing a storm.   I should mention we are driving a front wheel drive Town and Country Minivan and this was a last minute, spur of the moment trip for us.   Maybe it was happenstance, or maybe it was the plan of the universe, but we ended up walking into a LIONS den of Sheboyganites (Sheboygan, WI residents) who were on an adventure of their own to Jackson Hole!
First and foremost, let me say the drive in and out of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is beautiful and majestic beyond words.  For us ski hounds, add the luscious access to back country skiing and this place is heaven on earth!  Jackson Hole Ski Mountain is steep, steep and steep, and home to the world famous Corbet's Couloir.
Our first WY ski day adventure leads us to meet up with Mike Miller, owner of EOS, the best Midwest surf shop in WI (yes I said surf in the Midwest), and a good friend of ours.  We all grew up on Lake Michigan, which has some of the biggest inland surf around. NO JOKE, people surf year round in WI.  He had quite the crew with him, all which have been here before.  They showed us around the mountain for a few days before they moved onto their next destination.  Just a bunch of cheese heads slashing the mountain.  Followed by a long night at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, and an early morning,  packed tram ride to the top.   Nirvana’s “All Apologies” is blaring in the tram and you can feel the excitement in the air.
There is a lot of parking lot high fives, cold beers and stories, and slinging hats out of the back on the van…and all this energy leaving me with a profound inkling in my soul, that friendships are for adventures.