Friends enter our lives through many different avenues.  There are some friends you keep in touch with for many years…good friends, childhood friends, fast friends, best friends, friends through struggle. Then there is this friend…the one that you haven’t seen in years, but you pick up right where you left off.  A friend that feels like a family member.  Their heart, soul and energy are right on track with yours’.  It’s a warm feeling, and an open heart feeling that time can’t steal away.  

When opportunity knocked, we didn’t think twice!  We just knew it was time to make memories and experience the life journey ahead.  This is the story of an unplanned, last minute road trip to Montana.  Big Sky Resort was getting the snow and I just happened to have a college mate who lives there.
It had been 6 years since Mitch and I went on a Boston Red Sox bus trip from New Hampshire to Fenway Park.  When I reach out to mention our road trip, he explained he was on the last leg of a 3 week ski trip in Japan, skiing a different mountain at every chance.  Hearing his adventurous travels, I knew we were barking up the right tree.  It just so happened that he was getting back to Big Sky a day before we planned to arrive, and welcomed us with open arms. Even though we were just uninvited cheese heads from Wisconsin that were looking for a new mountain experience.


From the moment we arrived it was synergistic.  He gave us a hook up on lift tickets, a ski in/out condo with the best mountain guide (himself).   He led us to the best stashes and powder runs, showed us what the locals call the “gaiper” train (an open air trailer with bench seating, hitched to a pickup truck that will pick you up at your door and take you to the tram).   We shared Apres ski round table stories at his condo, while standing around his kitchen table eating WI Satori Cheese and Meisfield brats.  With smiles ear to ear, some sort of Carpe Diem has lead the three of us to this moment in life.  The story of the weekend was me, JB (my college nickname), skiing out of bounds on accident and into the private Yellowstone ski club, which happened to lead me right into Bill Gates back yard/patio, the whole time thinking it was a ski lodge bar. Yes, I got lost at dusk, in the Montana wilderness.
Thank you Mitch!  Part of us wished we didn't have to leave and could move into the guest bedroom for the whole season!  With open arms, we want to return the favor to you when you are ready to experience the Midwest.

After the warm STBF welcome in Montana,  we parlayed this trip into 3 sections, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, and Steamboat Springs, with all three destinations having Small Town Big Family connections.  Stay tuned for more on that down the road.  Our next blog.  JACKSON HOLE!