Sometimes you find family in the strangest and smallest of places in this beautiful world.   Fast friends who you feel like you’ve known all your life.

We get up at 3am, to drive 6 hours for opening day in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Its negative 2 degrees, feet of fresh snow, with no cell service and far away from civilization.  We are all here to chase those fresh powder turns.

As you pull into the parking lot, hop out of the car, you immediately hear a voice...from the car next door...asking if we want a cold one. We have never met before, but his name is Keith, and we are all in this together. The opening day of Mount Bohemia. Electricity in the air...g.d.s. (get down safe) on our minds.

All day we blaze trails through the woods, chat on the chairlifts, hoot on the bus runs.  Do it over and over again with smiles ear to ear.  It starts to snow... and there is no vacancy at the Lodge.  I run into my new found friend Keith... He’s thinking about sleeping in his car for the next day’s powder.

A popular saying you hear at a ski hill is 'no friends on a Powder day'.   In this case, I said, we have lodging a short distance away and we have a couch.

–Small Town Big Family

Jennifer LiermannComment